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Pigeon - Nose Cleaner (Tube Type)
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Let baby's nose feel clean and refreshed

  • Suction can be easily controlled
  • Mucus remains trapped in bottle, thereby preventing backflow
  • Transparent bottle allows for easy observation of mucous extraction

How to use

  • Hold baby in your arms
  • Apply suction only when baby is calm
  • Place mouthpiece in mouth while holding baby with one hand
  • Hold the bottle with the free hand, and gently place the tip of the round nozzle close to baby's nostril, forming a seal
  • Always begin by sucking gently and slowly until all loose mucus has been removed

How to wash

  • Separate nose cleaner, flushing each part under warm running water after each use
  • Dry very well and store Nose Cleaner in plastic case provided
  • All parts, except the bottle, can be sterilised in boiled water or the microwave oven


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