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Chicco - Perfect5 Silicone Teats - 2pcs/pk (Slow, Medium, Fast, Food Flow)
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Chicco Perfect5 Teats Silicone - 2pcs/pk | Bottle Silicone Teat


Chicco PHYSIO TEAT has a symmetrical, elongated and flattened shape to simulate the mother's breast reshaped by

the baby's sucking that helps facilitate baby's acceptance, favoring the peristaltic movement of the tongue during



PROVEN ANTI-COLIC EFFECT: The anti-colic valve at the base of the teat prevents the ingestion of air thus

reducing the risk of colic and regurgitation, enabling smooth and relaxed feeding.


• Interchangeable Physio teats to follow baby’s growth with 4 different flow rates


• Available in Soft Sense silicone

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