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Food preparation is SO MUCH EASIER now with our latest Autumnz Baby Food Cooker !



  • Simple operation
  • High quality ceramic pot
  • Heat resistance glass lid with lifting handle
  • Can be used to cook porridge, soup, stews and etc for your  baby (Note: Cannot be used to cook rice)
  • Ceramic pot capacity: 1.5 Litre
  • Cooking capacity : 1.2 Litre
  • BPA Free


How To Operate The Baby Food Cooker

  • Add ingredients to the ceramic pot with the appropriate amount of water (up to not more than 80% full). Then place the ceramic pot into the aluminium pot. Cover with glass lid.
  • Set the "heat selector" switch to OFF position before connecting to power supply. After that, turn the switch to the LOW, HIGH, or AUTO position. The red indicator light will turn on.
  • Start the cooking process by switching to HIGH position until the food boils. Then adjust to ether LOW or AUTO position according to the nature of the food and its cooking time required. 


            LOW     =     food cooked at low temperature / to keep food warm after cooking

            HIGH     =    food cooked at high temperature with shorter cooking time

            AUTO    =     food cooked at high temperature first and will switch down to lower temperature by itself  food cooked at high temperature with shorter cooking time


  • After cooking, switch off and unplug the appliance


Tips: With 80% full, it takes approximately 5.5-6.0 hours to cook porridge under LOW, 2.5-3.0 hours under HIGH and 3.5-4.0 hours under AUTO.


Product Specifications:


Product Baby Food Cooker
Model No YM-D10
Power Supply 220-240V  ~50/60Hz
Power 135W
Cooking Capacity 1.2L
Box Size 23.5 x 23 x 23.5cm
Weight 2kg
Warranty 1 year


*Pls read the enclosed User & Safety Guide before using this product*



(a) To save cooking time, it is recommended to use 70℃ warm water to cook 

(b) Do not put food directly into the food cooker base to avoid electric shock or damage. Always put the food in the ceramic pot

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