OCA - Baby Water Bed 24'' x 48'' x 1.5
RM558.40 RM698.00
OCA - Baby Water Bed 24'' x 48'' x 1.5
Price RM558.40 RM698.00
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Brand OCA
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A small child can sleep on a water mattress in just the same way as inside it's mother. The soft and gentle movements from the water create security around the sleeping baby and this reminds the baby of its earliest sensory impressions.The water mattress gently shapes itself around the entire body and gives the child ideal conditions for a sound and natural sleep.It is particularly important for small children to sleep soundly,as this is the time when the impressions from the experiences of the day deepens in a child's awareness.



  • Less pressure on the circulatory system
  • Less pressure on sofa bones of the head
  • Babies sleep better
  • Washable ,so no worries for spilt milk and wet diapers
  • Cooling sensation for babies
  • 100% to prevent dust mites and bacteria , preventing sensitive
  • Applicable to all baby mattress types
  • Better durability

Dimensions : 24'' (W) x 48' (L) x 1.5"(H)

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