Buds - BSO: Save Our Skin Lotion 50ml

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Buds - BSO: Save Our Skin Lotion 50ml
Buds - BSO: Save Our Skin Lotion 50ml
Brand: Buds Organic
Product SKU: F233118-1201
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Malaysia Free for certain area only
Singapore Not Applicable

Previously known as "FIRST AID Lotion"

Benefits: Learning and exploring is part of growing up. So are the bumps, bruises and occasional cuts. Treat and heal baby s ouchies organically with MASTERWORT LEAF EXTRACT and TAMANU SEED OIL which promote skin recovery and antibacterial TEA TREE OIL. ALOE VERA hydrates and soothes while OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT serves as a potent anti-oxidant. Keep our Save Our Skin Lotion in your baby bag and first aid kit so you can rest easy while baby investigates and discovers the world around her.

How to use: Use sparingly on wounds, bites and scratches. Tea Tree Oil does sting a little so be careful to keep it away from baby s eyes, mouth and open wounds. Frequent application can speed recovery.

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