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Richell - AQULEA Clear Straw Bottle Mug Set *Yellow*
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The motif of the popular Aqulea series was renewed! 
Hygienic by boiling disinfection acceptable

Indoor and outdoor use, providing your baby a training opportunities to drink in correspondence with its style and baby growth.

<Straw Training Mug R>

  • 6 months and onwards
  • Size : 12.5x9x10H(cm)
  • Capacity : 150mL
  • Material : PP, Silicone Rubber

<Clear Straw Bottle Mug R 200>

  • 7 months and onwards
  • Size : 11.5x7x11H(cm)
  • Capacity : 200mL
  • Material : PP, Saturated Polyester Resin, Silicone Rubber, Others


Easy for step up

Easy for step up

The same tip shape of the straw makes it easy to step up.


Straw Training Mug


Perfect for straw training

Perfect for straw training

The drink comes out from the straw when pushing the PUSH mark.
※Patent registered


All silicone rubber lid

All silicone rubber lid

Excellent sealing performance.


Drinking-mouth that matches the baby's mouth

Drinking-mouth that matches the baby's mouth

Oval shape makes soft for baby's mouth and easy to suck.


Step up according to the baby's growth

Support by adults at the beginning stage.Baby can learn to drink from a straw by repeating the action that the drink enters to the baby's mouth


Babies will drink from the straw by themselves.Useful for eating at home.


It's a cup when the lid is removed.Because the inner curve is gentle, the drink inside doesn't swiftly rush into the baby's mouth.



Clear Straw Bottle Mug

Glassy transparency

Glassy transparency
The material is transparent and durable "Tritan".※
Stylish clear bottle with easy to see contents.

※Tritan is the trademark of Eastman Chemical Company.


Closed with a click sound and hard to leak

Closed with a click sound and hard to leak
Easy for open - close, convenient for outing. The cover can be fixed in the fully open position.


Handle attached

Handle attached
Even the baby's small hands can hold it easily.


Handle is removable

Handle is removable

Compact shape removing the handle.

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