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Loveamme - LoveCook Descaling Powder
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LoveAmme LoveCook Descaling Powder

Keeps your household appliances sparkling clean!

Features and Benefits:

- Gently eliminates limescale

- Restores shine and performance to your household appliances

- Rapid action in 5 minutes

- Compatible to descale food processors, kettles, pots, coffee machines, steam irons, shower heads

What's in the box
5x sachets of descaling powder

Want to know more:
Usage instructions

Clean the item to be descaled thoroughly
Descaling Powder Solution: Mix 1 sachet of Descaling Powder with 200ml of clean water
Descale your appliances according to instructions from its user manuals
For maintenance of your household appliances, it is recommended to descale it once every week


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