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Classic shredded salmon (Seasoned Flavor), mild seasoning, delicious, suitable for children who are bored or difficult to eat, can be used instead of meat in cooking. or can be sprinkled on all kinds of food
Made from specially selected imported grade salmon. Rich in various nutrients,protein, omega 3, DHA, EPA can be stored for a long time.without rancidity because it does not contain oil


Classic shredded salmon (Seasoned Flavor), lightly seasoned, delicious, suitable for children who are bored and difficult to eat, can be sprinkled on all kinds of food such as steamed rice, porridge, noodles or used as an ingredient in cooking instead of meat animal ready-to-eat

Rich in nutrients, protein, omega 3, DHA and EPA.

No color and preservatives added.

No flavoring, no MSG, no oil.

Hygienic standards FDA GMP HACCP HALAL

Can be stored for 1 year from the date of production in case the envelope has not been opened.

1 box contains 3 sachets

In case of not eating all, can be stored in the refrigerator for 3-6 months and outside the refrigerator for 10-14 days
. Food allergy information: Contains soy and seafood ingredients.

Made from specially selected imported grade salmon , rich in a variety of nutrients, protein, omega 3, DHA, EPA,
which help to grow, nourish the nerves and develop the brain.

1 box contains 30 grams, divided into 3 sachets, 10 grams per sachet, can eat 1 sachet per 1 meal, allowing the baby to eat new food every meal.

Easy to carry, just tear the envelope Sprinkle it on your favorite dish.

Can be stored for a long time without rancidity

Helping mothers save time preparing food.

Through the Slow Cook production process, it retains the nutrients as much as possible.

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