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Introducing our new Member of the TYT family!

New mothers can now enjoy the efficacy of our new Confinement Herbal Bath + Ginger during your latest post-natal confinement period. Combining the benefits of the existing Confinement Herbal Bath, ginger is added to help warm the body, improve blood circulation and aid in dispelling wind and cold in the body.

Specially prepared with our traditional medicinal practices, the Confinement Herbal
Bath + Ginge
r combines the benefits of specially selected herbs which have properties to improve blood circulation, remove wind from the body, and strengthening the muscle and joints, while also relieving mild swelling and pain from the birth.




Help You Do Away With The Hassle
We know that a majority of Malaysian mothers still practice post-natal confinement today, and will look for ingredients to prepare herbal baths for the mother after the baby is born. However, many may opt to have a family member help them during this special period, or even do everything themselves instead of engaging a paid confinement companion the way many women did in the past.

As such, we want to help you do away with the hassle of tracking down and preparing the ingredients for the traditional herbal formulations, and spend more quality time with your new born baby and family, or just recuperating your body strength.


Ginger Improves Blood Circulation
Ginger is well-known for its warming, improving blood circulation, as well as dispelling wind and cold in the body properties since they also feature prominently in most dishes prepared for the new mother so we wanted to add the benefits of this ingredient to the convenience of our Confinement Herbal Bath+Ginger, so that you can revive your body to the fullest during your confinement month!

With the new Confinement Herbal Bath + Ginger, it s instant convenience just boil the sachet to extract its nutrients, wait for the water to cool to a comfortable 37 C, and your herbal bathwater is ready!

Recommendations for use
Our Confinement Herbal Bath + Ginger TYT is suitable for sponge baths, normal baths or showers, and for hair washing. Boiling the sachet for a longer period will produce water with a stronger aroma. In accordance to traditional practices of new mothers refraining from taking baths to prevent migraine and catching cold.

We recommend to take baths for improved hygiene, especially for breastfeeding mothers, but for baths to be limited to a maximum of 15 minutes.




  • Remember to dry the new mother s body immediately to avoid colds
  • For natural delivery, the new mother is recommended to bathe after 7 days
  • For Caesarean delivery mums, bathing is recommended after 10 days
  • Following the first 7 or 10 days, daily bathing is recommended, or alternatively, the mother can take normal baths 2 to 3 times a week and take sponge baths on other days




Available sizes: 2 sachets of 45g or 8 sachets of 45g

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