Momby - Baby Support *Blue*
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Momby - Baby Support *Blue*
Price RM56.50 RM150.00
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The Momby Breast Feeding and Bottle Feeding Support is an innovative light-weight baby feeding cradle that ensures baby s correct position during feeding, compared to conventional breastfeeding pillows.

Momby Breastfeeding Support comes with many benefits including assisting with the symptoms of reflux and colic and flat head syndrome. Momby ensures correct positioning of baby during breastfeeding and bottle feeding. Momby reduces back pain for mothers, as well as shoulder and tummy pain.

The inventor of the Momby, leading Korean paediatrician Professor Do Kyun Kim, is a renowned medical doctor specialising in emergency medical science and pediatrics.

Professor Kim holds a Ph.D in paediatrics and is widely published. The Professor is a member of the Korean Society of Paediatrics, the Korean Society of Paediatrics Respitory and Allergy as well as the Korean Society of Emergency Medicine.


The Momby Baby Support:

  • Improves comfort during feeding
  • Promotes good positioning of baby at the breast
  • Assists with the symptoms of reflux and colic by ensuring the correct feeding posture for your baby
  • Cradling approach for nervous or anxious carer s and those with reduced manual dexterity
  • Reduces the risk of Flat Head Syndrome due to its ergonomic design
  • Reduces back, shoulder and tummy pain for mothers
  • Approved by midwives




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