Munchkin - Snack Catcher
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Munchkin - Snack Catcher
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Munchkin - Snack Catcher
Munchkin Snack Catcher comes in a few different color options. Most of the Munchkin feeding products come in clear, neon-type colors that are super cute! And its BPA free! The easy grip handles, no-spill lid, and easy accessibility of the snacks make this the best snack cup.This snack cup is also great for the car because it's easy to hold on to and the snacks won't spill out all over your car!


If you've ever handed your child a cup of dry snacks, fully expecting them to be dumped on the floor or spilled in the car, then the Munchkin Snack Holder is just what you need! The Munchkin Snack Catcher Cup holds approximately 9 ounces of dry snacks and is a handy, no mess way of keeping snacks in your child's hand and off the floor.

The Munchkin Plastic Snack Container is made with a unique domed lid with flexible, soft flaps for easy dispensing of snack foods. Your child can simply reach into the Munchkin Snack Holder and grab a few snacks. And the special Munchkin Snack Catcher Cup domed lid features hundreds of tiny "finger cleaning bumps" made to wipe away excess crumbs from your child's fingers. So less mess!

The Munchkin Snack Holder is ideal for taking to school or daycare as it has a special place on the bottom for writing your child's name. And the Munchkin Plastic Snack Container bottom is rubberized to minimize tipping and preventing furniture scratches.

Get your Munchkin Snack Catcher Cup for your child or to give as a unique and much appreciated birthday present or baby shower gift.

The Munchkin Snack Catcher Cup is a must have for any parent or child care provider looking to make life easier and less messy. The Munchkin Plastic Snack Container is a convenient dome covered snack cup, ideal for dispensing your child's small finger food snacks.

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