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Nuk - Nasal Decongestor with Adaptor
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NUK Nasal Decongestor with Adaptor

Key features at a glance:

> Suitable from birth

> Simple, gentle, and safe

> For decongesting blocked baby noses

> Ideal for traveling

> Wide safety spout that prevents small noses from being penetrated too deeply

> With replacement spout

> Material: silicone

> Items delivered: 1 nasal aspirator, 2 spouts

> NUK nasal aspirator for unrestricted breathing

> Since babies cannot yet breathe through their mouths, nasal congestion can make it difficult for them to breathe. They then refuse to eat or have trouble sleeping.

With the NUK nasal aspirator, blocked baby noses can be decongested easily and safely. This not only let them breathe freely again but also helps prevent the spread of germs and the risk of secondary diseases.

Easy and safe removal of nasal secretions
Handling the nasal aspirator really is a piece of cake. Simply press in the pump ball and carefully hold the spout against one nostril. Hold the other nostril lightly with your finger. Then slowly loosen the pressure on the pump ball. That way, secretions are gently removed and the nose is cleared again.

The wide safety spout ensures that you won't penetrate your little one nose too deep and thus guarantees safe use.

Recommended Age: From Newborn and above

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