NUK-Premium C. Disney WideN PP Btl 300ml (BPA Free) *Sil Tt S1M
RM60.30 RM67.00
NUK-Premium C. Disney WideN PP Btl 300ml (BPA Free) *Sil Tt S1M
Price RM60.30 RM67.00
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Brand NUK
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NUK PREMIUM CHOICE systematically combines all orthodontic benefits of the nuk teat shape with the feeling of breastfeeding perfect for whenever you are unable to breastfeed.


  • With the silicone bottle teat in size 1 (0-6 months) M (Medium Feed hole) for formula milk
  • Orthodontic NUK bottle teat with extra wide lip rest and the NUK Anti-Colic AIR SYSTEM making drinking as natural as possible
  • Bottle made from high-quality polypropylene plastic (PP) free from harmful substances ultra light, highly robust and even suitable for freezing
  • Extra wide bottle neck, making it easy to fill and clean
  • Slightly curved bottle shape for secure hold
  • Wide bottle base for stable standing
  • Popular Winnie the Pooh motifs from the NUK Disney collection
  • The easy way to combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding
  • Orthodontic NUK bottle teat and extra wide lip rest


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