RM345.90 - RM509.80 RM520.10 - RM684.00
Autumnz - ELTERNAX Double Alternate Electric Breastpump **VALUE PACKAGE**
Price RM345.90 - RM509.80 RM520.10 - RM684.00
Brand Autumnz
Availability In Stock
Upgrade to 6 Adora Bottles
PWP (Silicone Manual Breastmilk Collector)
PWP (Milk Collection Cups 2pcs)
Choose A Bag
PWP (Adora Disposable Breast Pad Honeycomb 2 boxes)
PWP (Bra, Bottle, Ziplock)
PWP (Steriliser/ Warmer Set)
PWP (Hands free Bra)


**This breastpump packages is not applicable to additional coupon / voucher promotion.

Packages Includes:

  • Autumnz ELTERNAX Double Alternate Electric Breastpump worth RM369.00
  • Autumnz Posh Cooler Bag RM56.50
  • Autumnz Double Ziplock Breastmilk Storage Bag 12oz RM13.70
  • Autumnz PP Storage Milk Bottles 4pc (white) RM17.50  
    Option : you can choose to upgrade to 6 bottles of ADORA breastmilk storage bottles with no additional cost.]
  • Autumnz Reusable Ice Pack (3pcs) RM21.50
  • Washable Breast Pad 4pcs worth RM13.00
  • Baby Bottle Drying Rack with Detachable Stands RM28.90



Purchase With Purchase (PWP) :
For each breastpump package purchased, customer is entitled to purchase the following PWP at great value:


PWP @ RM 19.90 (normal price: RM31.80)
With this PWP, you will receive 2 Adora - Disposable Breast Pad Honeycomb (36pcs/box)


PWP @ RM 21.90 (normal price: RM37.00)
With this PWP, you will receive 1 Autumnz Silicone Manual Breastmilk Collector (FOC Hygiene Cover)


PWP @ RM 17.90 (normal price: RM28.00)
With this PWP, you will receive 1 Autumnz Milk Collection Cups (2pcs)


PWP @ RM 44.90 (normal price: RM69.20)
With this PWP, you will receive:

  • 1 pc of Adora Comfort Maternity/Nursing Bra* worth RM39.50
  • 4 bottles of Autumnz PP Milk Storage Bottles worth RM17.50
  • 1 box of Autumnz Double Zip Lock Breastmilk Storage Bag (25bags) 5oz worth RM12.20

*Kindly indicate the size of the Adora Comfort Nursing Bra before checkout.


PWP @ RM 163.90 (normal price: RM250.50)
With this PWP, you will receive:

  • 1 set of Autumnz Electric Steam Steriliser worth RM147.00
  • 1 set of Autumnz Home & Car Warmer worth RM103.50

~Come in assorted colours. Please select colours before checkout.


PWP @ RM 47.90 (normal price: RM69.50)
With this PWP, you will receive:

  • 1 pc of Autumnz Hands Free Double Pumping Bra worth RM69.50

Color Option: Black / Pink / Latte / Mocha
Size Option: S, M, L, XL

~Come in assorted colours /sizes. Please select colours/sizes before checkout.



SHIPPING : RM15.00 shipping fees required for bulky/heavy item (Peninsular Malaysia kecuali Langkawi). For customers in Langkawi/outside Peninsular Malaysia, please email us for shipping quotation.

*No shipping fees required if you wish to purchase at the showroom.




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