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Richell - Baby Toothbrush Set *From 8 Months Onwards*
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Brand Richell
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Richell T.L.I. Baby Toothbrush Set from 8 months & 12 months consist of :

Baby Toothbrush from 8 months ;
T.L.I Baby Toothbrush from 12 months;
Baby Toothbrush for parents use on 12 months old baby; and
Anti-choking Guard
T.L.I Baby Toothbrush for baby 8 months & above (Blue)

Silicone brush in perfectly mini size to fit small mouth
Soft silicone brush for brushing teeth and gums
Non-slip, easy grip handle, ideal to help babies transition to using actual toothbrush.
Anti-choking guard helps prevent the head of toothbrush from going too far into baby's mouth, pretect against choking
BPA Free
Food grade silicone
Can be sterlised in hot water or microwave
T.L.I. Baby Toothbrush for 12 months & above (Orange)

Soft tips toothbrush that is gentle to baby’s mouth.
The flexible bristle safely cleans baby’s teeth and gums.
The non-slip handle is easy for little hands to grip on.
Anti-choking guard to prevent choking.
T.L.I. Baby Toothbrush for parents use on 12 months old baby (Green)

Used by parents when baby’s teeth
Soft bristle and tiny tips of toothbrush that is gentle to baby’s gum and teeth.
Longer handle for easy reach by parents.
Use it with Anti-Choking Guard to prevent choking


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